Box Becomes in Some Parts Transparent

I’m making a map but I having some problems, in some boxes and in some parts of the boxes it gets transparent.



Normals tell you which way a polygon is facing. If you are on the opposite side (say inside a one sided box) the polygons will not show. In other words your normal are probably screwed up. Try flipping the offending polygons.

I think that’s unfortunately not the case → yesterday I was abel to reproduce his problem and there where no faces at all (just a transparent face), but somehow it doesnt work anymore… (I’m not abel to reproduce it again) :frowning:

What happens when you convert those brushes to a mesh?

Still the same, should post this on AnswerHub?



I personally would post it on answerhub, because in my case it seems like a bug… ( I wasnt abel to reproduce this problem again) :slight_smile: