Bought the credits but can't sign in

Can’t sign in after getting credits in order to export. The app has been activated with the PPI option, but won’t export. 

please excuse our late response. Does any error message show up?
Can you please make sure that you are signed in with the account used when purchasing credits? Please note that Google account (sign in via Google) is a different account than the one registered directly via gmail email on our website.
Alternatively, please send us order ID to and we will check to which account the credits are assigned. Thank you.

It says the password is incorrect. It is the same account where the credits were purchased. And if i follow the link and sign in on the webpage with the same details that works. Just not with the app. 

Hello dear user,

What type of login are you using on the webpage? Do you write in your email and password or are you clicking on one of the buttons (google,steam,facebook)? Sorry to repeat this again but this is most likely where the fault happens and we need to find out.

Arturo Camacho Please don’t reply to the No reply email. I will post your answer here.


Like I replied on the other email I’ve got with you. I am using the same details I use on the webpage to login successfully. No buttons clicked, no Facebook or Gmail just the regular account details with which I purchased credits.

In the application have you been using anonymous mode first and then you signed in when exporting or are you signed in inside of the application from beginning?

Anonymous first and then when exporting it asks me to sign in (then it fails). I can’t find a way to sign in before trying to export.

Please go to workflow tab-settings-Licenses-Change the application owner and that will open a dialog with sign in form.

This issue has been moved to a support ticket.

Hello, emailed you guys but haven’t heard back. This is STILL a problem. We’ve been unable to export because of this.

Dear user,
that is not correct. We have been and still are trying to solve your ticket and are waiting for your response to a suggestion currently. It is in our best will to get your issues fixed.

As I replied on that email, I can’t get past the login window. I can skip it and use the program in anonymous mode, but when I need to login to export it fails. I can login just fine on the browser.

We’ve tried resetting the program’s preferences
as well with no success.

I have replied to our communication again and am still waiting for response to the last answer from our side. Please move again to the ticket.