Bones Socket question.

So I have no problem making 3d Models. Skinning and so on I do it as a hobby and went to school for 3d Modeling and Animations and basically learned the basics of how all this works. I am in no way a Guru though. So this may sound like a dumb question so here goes.

I am making ship components to make modular ships. Hull, wings, engines and so on. The reason is customization. I want these pieces to stick together to make the end product the users
ship. Do I have to make bones on a model in order for me to be able to put wings on a ship. Or can I add a socket without bones and just say put it here and size it in the UT4 Engine Editor?

I see tutorials to make characters hold guns and such but those are animated character were you need bones to animate them.

So if anyone understands my question please fell free to respond with some help or pointers.