Bone retargeting with socket network

( Sorry for my English. I’m not a native speaker : )

Hi! I’m the new one starting unreal engine 4 for my project.

My project is called “Unreal steel”. Like the movie real steel, I want to make character that follows my movement in real-time. To see my work more, plz visit my github. GitHub - HP-DEVGRU/UnrealSteel: Make 3D modeled character imitating user's motion in real time

I almost do my work, except for bone retargeting.

First, I extract 32 bone coordinates from video and live cam with CNN.
Second, I change my 2d coordinates to 3d world coordinates (pelvis is going be world origin)
Third, I send 32 3d bone coordinates from python to unreal engine using UDP Socket networking.
Forth, I receive binary coordinates from python and decode using Endian method.
Finally, I can spawn 32 sphere on ue4 world that represent received bone location (although crush occur after pushing start button)

But I did’t know how to synchronize my bone coordinates and character’s coordinates.

I did try to use UFUNCTION “set bone transform by name”, but the result was terrible(it is on my github page)

So I also did try to follow motion capture plug-in like mvnlivelink, rokoko… but It is too hard for me to understand c++ codes and hard to adapt to my projects.

Please anyone inspire me how to solve this problem?

Do I use LiveLinkRetargetingAsset? or there’s any other solution?