Bone limits for Arm IK?


I posted this on ‘Animation’ but am not getting any replies and I have also seen other threads that don’t get any clear answers so I thought I’d post here.

Is it possible to make my characters’ UE arm IK solver limit the rotations to work in only one plane, to better approximate a human elbow bend?
By default the Two Bone IK just rotates the bone any way it wants to to get its solve but that is not so useful when doing an arm. Similar to what you can do in, say, Maya?

This is for an VR setup with tracked hand controllers driving the IK and the results I am getting with the Two Bone IK solver are not so good for the arms.

Or is there a good known workaround?


Hi Epic,

bumping this one hoping for a reply!

If there is no current solution to this issue then I’d like to make a feature request of it. Is there a special place to do that?
Should I campaign for it in other forum subsections (animation/VR) ?


Does it ignore the constraints set on the physics asset?