Bone constraint to socket

I’ve created a socket on my SkeletonMesh A, SkeletonMesh B is a child of him inside a Blueprint class. I’m able to get “get socket position” but i can’t find a way to get a bone from B to sock A.

Two bone IK is an animation BP and i don’t have access to the socket position. Is that possible?

Thank you.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you want a bone from SkeletonMesh B to move as the socket on SkeletonMesh A moves? If so I’m looking forward to hearing whether it’s possible as well, this is something I anticipate having to do in a project of mine.

Yeah that’s it! I wasn’t sure if it was clear enough. If i found something i’ll let you know

Appreciate it, and likewise! I won’t be tackling it for a couple weeks but it’s been in my mind. =P