Body is not following head rotation (rinterp)


i got another problem with my head/body movement.

Problem: While standing and after turning the head in a direction i want the body to follow the heads direction after 2 seconds of not moving the head anymore. I tried several ways with rinterp but it doesn’t work. I think im using some nodes in a wrong way because there is not interpolated movement of the body. It’s just rotates instantly to the heads direction. Hope the pictures help to describe my situation and you got a solution.

Thanks in advance!

[Picture 1: Check if character is not moving and turning the head]

[Picture 2: Check if head is not moving for 2 seconds after it was turned → TurnTimerEvent is activated]

[Picture 3: The gate is opened by TurnTimerEvent and the actor rotation is set. This is were the movement should be interpolated via rinterp. Instead the body instantly reaches his final position.]

[Picture 4: Getting the heads rotation via head-socket. The rotation before and after the head movement are saved in variables]

[Picture 4: The rinterp node is supposed to interpolate the body rotation from the actual direction to head direction. The “SET ‘Head Rotation Interpolated’”-Node is connected with the Gate-Enter from picture 3]