Bobsleigh collider problem

Hello folks. This is my first post and it looks Its not gonna be the last one. :) One month ago I opened UE4 for the first time. And after that, Im diving into it every day.
I was using Unity3D for years, but I want to try UE4 also.

So, for my first project I want to make a Bobsleigh game for VR. VR is working great in UE4. I connected
XBox controller with no problem. Everything works great. But, I have problem with collisions. Because I
want to drive my bob with physics, bob is acting really strange.
I have two physical materials. One for ice path and the other one is for bob.
I tried with different collision types on bob. Turn on CCD, substeps, with no luck.
But when bob goes on the path its bouncing left, right, up… There is no rule. It bounces around totally random.

If somebody could tell me what I`m doing wrong, or know how to handle collisions like this, I would be more than happy.

Is there any chance you can get a video of the issue? It will help us understand the problem better.

I recorded screen capture and made an mp4. But when I tried to uploaded it as a ZIP attachment to my post I got server error from ue4. I will upload video to YT tomorrow.
Are there any other info that I can give you about my scene? What is relevant?

Here is a video of a collider problem.


Hi, folks. Im really stuck with this collider problem. Ive been working on this problem for a month now and more. Really tried everything with no luck. If somebody could give me a clue or something I`m doing wrong, I would be more than happy. I can send you whole scene if it is needed. I really appreciate your help.