Board/Mini Game - Need Blueprint Scripters, 3D Modelers, Artists, Animators, etc.

I have a good start on a game (completely in blueprint for now), that is inspired by Mario Party. PC, Xbox, PS4 don’t have anything close to Mario Party available to them so I thought it would be a good idea to get something going of the sorts. Right now I’m using the basic example map to get a prototype working where the player teleports spaces after a “dice” roll. I have a basic Main Menu sort of working. And I have two mini-games built. But there is going to need to be loads of time put in for AI and multiplayer features. I’ve been working on this for 2 weeks now but the idea has been brewing for years.

I’m not trying to create Mario Party, just something to fill the void for other platforms without copyright infringement.

If you choose to help me out, a contract will be drafted up based off of your specific skill set, time available, and etc. I will then have the document notarized and then I will email the final version to you.
This will be royalty based due the lack of current funds that can go into the project in its current state. I do plan on starting a kickstarter campaign once we get a decent demo or preview working. Your payment will be divided out of that pool once the funds are available. We will re-evaluate financial assets after a successful/unsuccessful kickstarter looking into private investment to keep a steady cashflow.

Any questions? Feel free to ask below…

UPDATE: We need a character modeler and an rigger/animator badly! We have three programmers (one is a level design guy, the other two have various extra skills), and we have a music composer.

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UPDATE: We are still avidly looking for 3D Artists, Animators, etc.