Bluprint to c++ switch


I am preatty new with UDK, so you will probably see some questions from me. I was trying to find answer to this question on forum, and documentation without luck.

Is it possible to start game design with bluprints and then add c++ code?
Is it possible to generate c++ code from bluprints?

If so please direct me to further reading or provide how to.

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Yes. Just add code to your project. You also might have to right click your uproject file and “Generate Visual Studio files”. But maybe that’s done automatically, when you select “Add code to project” from the File menu, I’m not sure.

This was mentioned in one of the earlier live streams. There is no easy access to the code that is generated from BP graphs. So, probably no.

Hi wormpattern,

As Bajee stated, adding C++ code to your Blueprint project is easy. Click File->Add Code to Project… You will be presented with a class creation wizard where you can select what class you would like to be the parent of your new class, and then asked what name you would like to give your new class. Once you have completed those steps, the Editor will take a few moments to build your new class then ask if you would like to edit your code. Selecting Yes will open Visual Studio (or XCode if you are on a Mac) and take you straight to your project.

Regarding your second question, unfortunately you are not able to see any of the code that is generated by your Blueprints. Michael Noland has a good response to a similar question](Open code to Blueprint? - UE4 AnswerHub) on the AnswerHub that explains why and how you can still use Blueprints to gain insights into how they would work in C++.