[Blueprints] Recreation of the Kinetic Kicker from Project: Snowblind

Hi, I made a recreation of the Kinetic Kicker from Project: Snowblind.

The Kinetic Kicker works kind of like an imitation Gravity Gun with its Push-Pull mechanics. But I decided to not go with Physics Handles for this and instead used only Impulse to get both Push & Pull, as well as the Throw working. As for grabbing the crate part, it’s just updating the spatial coordinates of the actor.

Apart from that, it also has the same recharge system as well, where the device must have a minimum of 25% charge, but can be overcharged to apply larger forces on physics objects. If anyone’s interested in the implementation, the project files are on GitHub: https://github.com/RohitKotiveetil/U…-KineticKicker

that’s cool…I remember Project: Snowblind being a fun game. I forgot about that gun. Now try applying Chaos destruction to the thrown objects.

Sam here, I had no recollection of it either. Half Life 2’s Gravity Gun pretty much eclipsed everything else. But I went back and played Snowblind again recently and came across the Kicker. Haven’t used Chaos before. Can we activate it directly from the Editor Settings or do we need C++?