Blueprints or C++?

Been interested in programming for a couple of years, I’ve played around with web development mostly but I REALLY want to create a game, like all day I have ideas of games which I could create, I play games which are created by standalone developers and I just have ideas which could improve etc.

Should I go with blueprints or C++? I plan to go to university in 1-2 years to study computer science or games programming but I want to start as soon as possible. C++ Would require along time and a huge amount of effort before game development even comes in. Blueprints on the other hand isn’t like this? Would I need c++ programming experience to fully use blueprints?

I want to create an arena style PVP games with multiple, I found several multiplayer tutorials so thats not a problem but actual game elements is, how flexable are blueprints like?

So what do you think? C++ or blueprints?

Blueprints are very easy and I cant think of anything that would stop you from making an MOBA - Just watch the tutorials on Youtube and you can do most anything

Blueprints would be a very good into to programming concepts. I would say don’t put off C++ just because it is hard(er), but that is kind of what I have done… :stuck_out_tongue: I do feel that when the time comes to begin learning C++ that I will bring a good basic understanding of programming, due to blueprints.

Blueprint is going to take a huge amount of effort as well though, at least if you actually want to make a game. Blueprint will give you more feedback and accomplishment early on which could be key to maintaining motivation. Whichever direction you take, stick with it. Focus and motivation are going to be the most important things to take care of, especially when you have work, school, games, family, etc fighting for your time and energy.

Imo their both almost equally as hard because both their programming logic’s are the same. Blueprint still uses variables and other things that C++ uses, so imo if you learn blueprint you will also know how to do C++ easier and visa-versa. You still have to learn the Unreal API no matter what.

You can have both. Even if you know nothing about c++ (like me), I suggest you to use the engine from source and not go full BP. People often post some good stuff in c++ on the forums and you’re gonna miss it if your project is BP only (pull requests on github help you fix some stuff too). Start with blueprints, its kinda simple. (if you just read the docs/tutorials/forums/github). Also the unreal community is really friendly and everyone will help you.

btw I was with some game ideas in my head and it took me a while to be realistic and realize it was too much for a beginner. So, start low with something simple and send to your friends. You will feel that you accomplished something and advance to the “next level”. Otherwise you can get frustrated and give up like I did with other things. IMO

I’d recommend you use C++. It’s able to do whatever you want it to do, whereas Blueprints, while great, are limited when it comes to some things.

I think it’s the case of picking the right tool for the specific job. Blueprints excel at some stuff, and for other stuff I know that a good C++ coder could arrive at a solution more quickly and elegantly.