Blueprints not supposed to communicate?

First of all I went through the Documentation and the Content examples various times yet i don’t get it. With bind and call I just get cryptic errors and Cast doesn’t work most of the time. It just stops showing me any casts to my blueprints. I now have a cast to MyCharacter but when I try to recreate it I just can’t because there is no cast to MyCharacter shown anymore. Cast to default things are still shown.

For someone coming from Kismet this is kind of mindblowing frustrating. I just want to fire a event where ever I want like I’m used to.

I guess this is a known problem depending on your engine version:

to have the dedicated “cast to” you want, you’ll need a source corresponding to your goal, usually or a “get all actors” selecting the one you want or a variable set before. to cast to your character, use a get player character.

As far as i understood him, he knows how to achieve this, but the Cast Nodes aren’t showing up and this is a known issue depending on the engine version.

Oh, really bad if this is that. I hope your trouble will be solved soon, Davision.

That context sensitivity stuff is driving me nuts.

Turns out it was a mix of both. First issue gets only really fixed when you restart the editor it seems. Second issue is that I keep forgetting where the editor forces me to use the context sensitivity and how exactly I have to use it.