blueprints not passing event graph to children


re-did the entire thing from scratch and it worked … maybe a glitch? here’s the OG problem in case it pops up again for someone else.

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OK, I am starting to suspect I am doing something extremely wrong here. I was not having trouble like this in the beta at all. Have I gone crazy?

I have a blueprint called “shade_loot”. It pops a billboard sprite into the air without collision, waits a second, turns collision on and then kills physics and eventually itself. I intend to spawn many of these at the same time – if physics is on during spawn they all intersect and explode all over the scene. The setup works great … orbs spawn via the E key which tells a function where to spawn, how many … etc.

I then made a child of “shade_loot” and called it “SL_gold”. I added a new sprite component and that is it. When I spawn SL_gold through my function the billboards go flying everywhere. I can tell it is spawning the correct actor because of the new billboard I added. I suspected the event graph was not getting passed from parent (shade_loot) to child (SL_gold) so I added a print string to the Event Begin Play in shade_loot. The print string fires when I spawn shade_loot, but not its child, SL_gold. This confirms that the event graph is not being passed down.

Am I missing something? Shouldn’t the event graph get passed from parent to child? I desperately searched for some sort of check box but to no avail.