Blueprints limitation

You could make a game like Dreams no problem with blueprint. But if you want large generated landscapes, then you need C++.

Hi. I find myself in a position where I am curious about the limits of using Blueprints. I am curious if there is stuff you can’t do with blueprints and is only possible in c++. I know there are limits when it comes to multiplayer setup and stuff but what if i want to build a system for my game. Lets say I want to make a sculpting system similar to the one that the game Dreams has. Would it be possible to make that using only Blueprints, or is it only possible with using C++, or not possible in Unreal Engine 4 at all? Thank you.

Blueprints’ limitations depend on your goals. Sometimes it’s easier just to start prototyping with blueprints to understand what you’re missing :slight_smile:
You can also check the documentation, find classes you’re going to use and check how many methods have BlueprintCallable specifier