Blueprints in editor vs standalone preview

So I’ve been working on a small sidescroller game trying to implement procedural generation for the map. So far everything works in the editor and the map creates itself and lets me navigate it. However, when I try to do standalone preview the blueprint that generates the blocks that make up my map no longer functions properly.

I’ve played around with several parts of my blueprint, basically making changes to it that still provide the same end result. And while the result is the same in editor preview, in stand alone it is again different than in editor preview, but the differences aren’t the same as the first time around.

I’ve tried to figure out what is causing it but I’m starting to think it’s just a glitch and there is nothing I can do about it right now. I’ve followed the flow in standalone through printing on screen, and I figured out possible places where the flow might stop, but they don’t make sense to me seeing as it works perfectly in editor preview.

So is Blueprint just very buggy from editor preview to standalone? Or am I missing something obvious to enable the same functionality in standalone? I read that Blueprints might currently have trouble talking to other Blueprints, but I’ve never read it being only in standalone preview.

Currently my blueprint is a block that spawns another block and that one spawns another one and so on and so on. Each block is a blueprint, and when I spawn a block I save it as the current blocks childBlock blueprint variable, and set the current block as the child block’s parentBlock blueprint variable. Is referencing other Blueprints not working? And if so why does it work in editor preview? How is editor preview different from standalone preview?

TLDR: How is editor preview different from standalone preview in terms of blueprint functionality, and is it supposed to be different or is it a bug?

Any suggestions are welcome, thank you!