Blueprints for interacting with objects?

I’m building a “game” to help me learn how to use visual scripting, and so far I’ve gotten my character to crouch, jump, and walk, and look. Now I need some way of having him interact with objects, like clicking E to have him open up doors, pick up things etc. Is there a generic way of allowing my character to interact with moveable objects, like doors and boxes and what not? Or do I have to set up a new blueprint for the specific object that I want to be interacted with? By the way I’m building my character from scratch.

I strongly suggest going through all Epics tutorials, as they give all the information you need to achieve this.

  • You can setup an interface(e.g Interact), and have your blueprints use it
  • You do need a new blueprint for every different actor you want.
  • Here is a great tutorial. Cheers!