Blueprints and Cascade

I’ve looked high and low, but can’t figure out (if possible) how to dynamically change various parameters in a particle system’s modules.

Is there a way? If you, can you point me in the right direction?



When you spawn an emitter or some such drag out a wire from the returned pin which is a reference to the emitter, and with context sensitivity turned on search for Set Parameter.
You will see multiple types such as Vector, Scalar, Actor, etc, just pick whatever is relevant and input the parameter name which you wish to alter. I think you can give the name of
any parameter as it appears in Cascade, but I’m not sure about that, try it out. I know it works for the ‘source’ for ribbon type emitters, but not sure what else.


Thanks for the info. I found the Parameter Instancing in Cascade, which opens selected parameters up to Nodes. It works for what I wanted, but I’m not sure it works with all parameters.