Blueprinting a character death that triggers the player to become a "ghost"

In either ue 15 or 16 i would like to use blueprint to create a playable character that when the character dies the player will then become a ghost with new ways to interact with other players. Kind of like what Treyarch did in COD black ops 2 zombies: mob of the dead called the afterlife. I am wondering if this is possible in unreal engine 4.

Make a separate player character, that has expropriate art to be a “zombie ghost”, make a player controller that has special functionality for said un-dead, when boring living player character dies, spawn ghoulish character in its place then possess it by zombified controller - theoretically you could also keep the same controller, just make a separate state for all the inputs that’s branched to by a “un_dead_now” bool variable, and simply change the player character.

// In short this is both easy and very very hard, there are no shortcuts to it and it might be hard to find a tutorial that’s that specific, but start by making a normal character, learn that - then incorporate your dead now alternative controls. Definitely doable, just needs some work.

// gl hf