Blueprint Weapon

Hello, i Spawn a BP_Weapon in CharacterBP.
It works well but if i set the (Only Owner See) to true, then i cant see it on Character or on network Character.
Set it back to false and i see it on both.

some one has a idea how to fix it ?

Greez DarkSoe

I may be wrong but for me the owner is the Bp weapon and that’s why when true, only the weapon can see the weapon mesh and when false all other blueprints (and then the players) can see it.

Do u know a way to Fix this problem ?
I planed to make a 1P Mesh only the Player (Owner) can see and a 3P Mesh all can see only the player (Owner) not.
Or someone have a tutorial or example for Weapon in Blueprint.

Greez DarkSoe