Blueprint Weapon Help

I need to know how to make a weapon ENTIRELY with blueprint (being that i don’t know C++)

What i already have:

  1. Rigged and Animated weapon
  2. character arms

What i need to know:

  1. do i need the arms part of the weapon or separate?
    1a) if not separate, do i make the weapon mesh my character mesh
    1b) if separate, how do i attach the two, and should the arms be my character mesh
  2. how do i make the weapon play its animation when i click
  3. how do i make the weapon fire a projectile that goes in a straight direction when i click
  4. how do i count the weapons ammunition and disable firing and play the animation for reload and replenish the ammo count
  1. Your choice. Blueprint Actors support attaching meshes to sockets, so you can keep the weapon separate if you want.
    1b) Typically, you’ll build both an “arms only” mesh, and a “full character” mesh. Both will be part of your Character blueprint. Arms will be marked “only owner see” and character mesh will be marked “hidden from owner.”
  2. By using a play animation action in a blueprint
  3. By using a spawn actor action in blueprint (although be careful if you want network support – check the video tutorials)
  4. By using a branch on “ammo > 0” for an “ammo” variable that you create, leading into 2) and 3)

Next week I planning to do it for my blueprint fps projet, incluing animation import, ironside aim, reload, weapon animation, and unlimited types of weapons without enums. My intention is share all info.

Thanks for youre quick reply, and your info is very helpful. but i could use some clarification on numbers 1b. and 3.