Blueprint vs C++

Hello everyone! This is my first time being here :smiley:

So I was wondering which programming should I use.
Would it be Blueprint (Drag and drop interface) or C++ (pure coding)?

I also heard that UE4 is going to support C#, it that true?

The choice is really Blueprint or both C++ and Blueprint. It’s really impossible to say without knowing your background. I’d lean towards C++ because you could still do all of your work in blueprint if you wanted, but you may run into problems that are solved much more easily in code.

There are third-party products that enable some C# support, but I doubt it will be officially supported anytime soon.

Blueprint are good in applying changes quicker, it easier to learn it so non-progaming people can easily use it and if your games have multiple maps you will end up using them anyway (level blueprint). It’s a lot easier to set up components in blueprint then C++, a loooot easier

C++ is a lot faster so it becomes need if your game requires lot of stuff to be done on Tick, full access to UE4 as well as external libraries so you can make a lot more crazy stuff.

Whatever you like either you need figure that yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Importent thing to remember is that blueprints are classes same as C++ classes (you can see that in Class Viewer), so you can create hybrids by making C++ base class and blueprint based from that class.

Personally i follow this way, creating framework and base classes for items/object in C++ and do items and objects in Blueprint (this way is easy for artist to play with those)

Well, depending on your project, I’d say the more logic you have, the more I’d lean towards C++ with BP extension. Which means C++ base class that BP’s derive from. That is a pretty extendable and scalable way of handling things in UE4 and gives you the best of both worlds.

For prototyping I pretty much always use BP and then transfer it to C++ if its worth it. In general I always try to have a Blueprint at the end of the inheritance tree and only as the last node (Blueprints are never parents, as soon as I want to extend a BP, I transfer the logic to C++ first and the extend this class).
That gives easy access and control while maintaining the heavy lifting in c++.

But then again, BP’s are fast and good enough to completely rely on them for smaller projects.

Thank you all for your replies :smiley:

It’s awesome that Blueprint and C++ can work together! I will definitely look into both of them. I come with C# background so I was wondering whether C++ or Blueprint would suit me.

Thanks again!