Blueprint Updates in mobile packages/dlc

This question may have been asked before, but my Unreal terminology doesn’t seem good enough. I’m looking for code scripting system that can be delivered in DLC/Mobile update packages. I’m looking for logic updates that don’t require re-compile and a redistribution of an APK or IPA file to the device platforms.

As an examples

  • Fixing a visual bug in the main menu ui. Say one of the text labels has the wrong math algorithm such as it should be >=, but it’s currently >. So now when purchasing an item the player needs more currency, rather than equal and greater.

  • New popup saying there isn’t enough currency and has a button going to the in game store to purchase the currency.

My last work project to do this we would need to rebuild the apk/ipa. But these are small fixes and it would be nice to be able to create a small blue print fix. Put it in download package, and have it overwrite the last one and boom. fixed. I don’t need to release a new APK/IPA on the Google/Apple store. The reason I’m asking as I was working with Unity and Bolt VPL previously, but I didn’t do enough research and it seems that Bolt does some platform pre-build work which may make this impossible. However Unreal Blueprints are built into the engine and run in their own VM and are a main part of the Unreal internals.

have you found any solution on this?

At the time of my research. The answer is from what I was able to research on, No. Blueprints have some form of symbolic compiling layer(i could be wrong in concept it was a while ago). It’s a real shame. Although this can’t be done with Blueprints this could be probably achieved with another scripting systems such as Lua of Nodejs plugins.