Blueprint UMG Editor , for smart Blueprint


I would like to propose a new feature for unreal editor that would make smart blueprint more convenient to use (like complex plugins).
You have an example if below rendered in photoshop, the idea would be to be able to create a window for the editor to organize variables and buttons properly on complex blueprint objects, with even maybe a 2D and 3D visualization system for it, this could help to create more complex blueprints with a simple use ( as a complete meteo system, or other).

The addition of more complete documentation with link to website, or even 2D visualization as in widgets to help you visualize.
Maybe it would be possible to take inspiration from the TrySky editor as if below.

I think the best would be a new type of object that would be linked to a blueprint class, it might even be a good idea to do this feature for blutility editors.
Thank you…