Blueprint Toogle Multiple Visibilitys

I have a huge problem where i want to toogle (on and off) the Visibility in game.
I know there is a blueprint function for toogleing on and off one object, but i am trying to toogle 30 objects.

And i am not going to drag every single line like that.

So my plan A was to make a custom function inside the BP_hint to toggle every singel hint box On or Off, witch would work in my case. But again, i have to drag every single copy of it… like in picture(nr1).

Would love any kind of respons/idea.
Sorry for the crippled English.
Thank you in advance

If your Actors are all of the same Class Type, you could GetAllActorsOfClass and use a ForLoop to iterate over each one and change the visibility that way.

Or if they are different types, use an Interface that would implement a function that changes the visibility of the implementing Actor.

DevilsD I LOVE YOU!!!

This is how the solution looks like