Blueprint start working before playing ?!

i made a blueprint that spawns another actor in the scene.
it spawns 2 actor/sec and i need like 60 actors in the scene at start.
how would i manage to do that?
is the solution that blueprint start spawning before start up?
i mean that i disable input or movement for 30s .
but shouldn’t be a better way?

You could give the BP a option to spawn N items on spawn(begin play).
So you would tell the modified BP to spawn 60 actors immediately on begin play and then at two actors per second after that.


Sounds about right But HOW?
i use SpawnActorFromClass.

Or disable player controls and have black screen with progress bar. This way player has to wait until progress bar times out and then screen would fade in and the game will begin. That’s what I would do anyway.

Use a for loop and plug N-1 into the end count, And then call SpawnActorFromClass.


thanks but that was my current solution.

its not only the question of actors count.
actors move in the scene in line.
if i use loop the first actors should be so close together.
can i multiply time by lets say 60 times and then after 1s go back to normal?


What was wrong with that solution ?

What if you modify global time dilation to make 30 seconds pass in 1 second?
Best of both, You get the 30 second wait duration without forcing the player to wait for more then a second.


time… i don’t want my players to wait that much.

Brilliant… That was what i needed.
thank you So Much!!!