Blueprint Spline Mesh

I have a blueprint that use a spline to create mesh (for my wall), but once i put them in a group, they disappeared most of the time (the spline is still there, but the mesh isn’t)

I’m i doing something wrong ?

Hi Gabriel,

Did you use Dokipens tutorial (Here) or look at the setups in Content Examples > Open Map > Blueprint_Splines?

I’ve only used BP splines in passing, but if you can provide some screenshots of what’s going on and your BP setup (if different than either of the above) I can look reproduce your issue and see where I can offer some help. :slight_smile:



This is exactly the tutorial that i used. And i’m using spline blueprint to create my wall in unreal. But once everything is assemble (wall, windows, door) i group them and start over.

But after a while, some blueprint lost the mesh that i put in it. The spline is still there, but not the mesh

Give me the rough dimensions of your wall mesh for LWH in centimeters and I’ll mock up something in Max and test out soon to see if I can see what’s going on.



i sent you an email with the fbx

Thanks, Gabriel.

I’ll take a look at it soon and get back to you.