Blueprint running in editor loop stops

I have a problem I’m trying to fix where some assets from 3DS Max aren’t lining up when they get into Unreal. I made a little blueprint so I could export a CSV from Max with the position, rotation, and scale of the assets in Max, then bring that CSV into Unreal and update the transform of the assets in Unreal with the same name. Basically I end up with an array from Max and an array from Unreal, then I compare the two to find identical names. This works, but the problem is the blueprint seems to give up after about 600,000 checks. I made a test file with 10,000 assets, so it would require 100,000,000 checks. I tried adding a few zeros to the maximum loop iteration count, but that doesn’t seem to help. I tried breaking the two arrays into smaller sets, but the process of breaking apart the arrays created more loops so the number of actual checks went down instead of up. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to get more checks or a more efficient way of grabbing an asset in Unreal from a CSV?