Blueprint QuickShot 3 Custom Projectile - not working properly in top down view.

Hey Guys,

I was following the Blueprint QuickShot 3 Custom Projectile tutorial and it worked fine in First Person. But when I tried to use it in a Top Down view the projectiles spawn in the correct location but they all move in the same direction. I set my projectile movement velocity to x=1 as per the tutorial and this is the direction they are moving when spawned. Is there a way to link the velocity of the projectile movement compomnent in the projectile blueprint with direction the player is facing.


I solved the issue. I figured I would post my solution in case anyone else is having the same issue.

In my projectile blueprint, I used the construction script and set the velocity in the projectile movement to the player characters forward vector.

Glad to hear you worked it out. Because top down works a little different (the controller does not rotate) you probably want to use the Pawn’s rotation instead when you spawn the projectile. If you replace the Get Control Rotation node with Get Actor Rotation it may work. Your solution is totally fine though!