[Blueprint] Plugins not working in Packaged

UE version 4.9.1

I have Rama’s Extra Blueprints (VictoryBP) in ProjectFolder/Plugins
It is showing up in the Plugins section in UnrealEngineEditor->Edit->Plugins and it is enabled

It is working in the editor when I click Play, however, when I package (Launch) the game, none of the Rama’s Extra Blueprints work.

I am using Blueprint mode so I don’t know how to add C++ Lines to fix it

Can you add the logs from the packaged game?

that is with version 4.10 with the 4.10 version of VictoryPlugin

Since you’re using a plugin, we need to compile it when you cook. This is to strip out editor data from the plugin (if there is anything) or compile it for the target (say, if you want to deploy your project on OS X or PS4 or something).

It looks like you’re not set up to compile the Victory plugin:

H:\Visual Studio Community 14.0\VC\INCLUDE\crtdefs.h(10): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘corecrt.h’: No such file or directory

It sounds like you’re not super familiar with C++, so this might be a tough problem for you, but in order to deploy a project with the Victory plugin you need to be able to compile it. It’s possible that the version of the victory plugin you have does not yet work with Visual Studio 2015 - it might be worth asking the author if that’s the case! Maybe there’s an updated version, or you can use Visual Studio 2013 (note that it’s not trivial to get 2013 working with the 4.10 version of the engine - but 4.9 supports it out of the box).