Blueprint plugins doubt.

I see two plugins available for Blueprints. Math Expression and Blueprint Stats. I enabled both of them and found out Math Expression but i cant seem to find this Blueprint Stats. Where is it anmd what is it?

Also what is this Math Expression node?


MathExpression, does what the name suggest. You put any expression you want in it and it computes the results for you, let’s say if you write “x + 3 * y * y - x * y”, it automatically adds two inputs, X and Y, and you can either use constants or plug float variables/outputs into them. Quite useful if you ask me.

Blueprint Stats however is one of the many hidden plugins, like SlateComponentWrapper. I’m afraid until some tiny document comes out about it, we have to just think they’re not there. Unless one of the Epic devs feels like sharing some info here?

Considering the name though, I presume it’s going to be like Metrics in visual studio a few years back.

**BlueprintStats **

Just found it while looking trough the Plugins and was also wondering… Not event a short description.

Only thing it does is registering a ConsoleCommand

void FBlueprintStatsModule::StartupModule()
    if (!IsRunningCommandlet())
        DumpBlueprintStatsCmd = IConsoleManager::Get().RegisterConsoleCommand(
            TEXT("Dumps statistics about blueprint node usage to the log."),

The stats contain:

class FBlueprintStatRecord
    // Can be NULL, if it's a meta-record
    UBlueprint* SourceBlueprint;

    TMap<UClass*, int32> NodeCount;
    TMap<UFunction*, int32> FunctionCount;
    TMap<UClass*, int32> FunctionOwnerCount;
    TMap<UEdGraph*, int32> RemoteMacroCount;

    int32 ImpureNodesWithInputs;
    int32 ImpureNodesWithOutputs;
    int32 ImpureNodesWithInputsAndOutputs;
    int32 ImpureFunctionNodes;
    int32 PureFunctionNodes;
    int32 NumUserFunctions;  // pure or impure
    int32 NumUserPureFunctions;
    int32 NumUserMacros;
    int32 NumBlueprints;
    int32 NumDataOnlyBlueprints;
    int32 NumNodes;