Blueprint Pin Connection Bounding Box Size Increase

UPDATE: After some discussion this post has evolved to where I believe a worthwhile solution is having a hotkey toggle between blueprint editing modes.
One mode would revolve around wiring up connections, and another would revolve around moving and organizing nodes.
Node creation, snapping, and auto-connect (features from Graph Node Assistant) would function the same in either mode.

ORIGINAL POST: The main issue I am trying to resolve is trying to drag a wire off of an unlabeled pin such as an “Exec” pin.
The bounding box sizes for pin connections on blueprint nodes should be as large as possible, without interfering with other behavior.

It’s worth noting that there should be two different behaviors depending on whether you are dragging of a new wire, or you are already dragging around a wire and looking to “complete” it.

Attached is a comparison of what it currently is versus what I am suggesting when you are trying to connect a wire you are dragging around.
As an alternative, the snapping behavior in the Graph Node Assistant Plugin accomplishes this quite well, however still suffers from the issue when creating a new wire and trying to grab the little “Out” pin.

Open to suggestions, but perhaps I should just provide feedback to PureDog on his Graph Node Asisstant Plugin, and request the functionality there be default Editor behavior.