Blueprint/Persona master needed!

We are in need of a proficient Blueprint and persona artist to make our characters, assets, story, and mission objectives come to life.

This is a contract gig where you can work from home. As needed. So when we have a level that needs Blueprinting, we give it to you for Blueprinting. And then when the next level is ready, we send that over etc. As well as other things like getting characters to move and animate correctly with Persona/Blueprint etc.

If interested, please apply by sending us an email and introducing yourself :slight_smile:



Do you already have a GDD or road map created for this project? What is your timeline?

Hi Ironbelly,

We don’t have a hard timeline but do have milestones. We are building things as we go. The story, levels, characters and whole game are already conceptualized. We are now bringing each piece into reality little by little. We need someone who can go piece by piece as things become ready. Since this is a self-funded project, we are hoping to find someone who can charge per milestone, since hourly can become a bit of a financial mystery that we can’t gamble on at this stage. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I see. Well, sent you an email as well.