Blueprint option for connecting clients to a specific ip

I would like to run a listening server from my house and have regular clients that are not listening servers automatically connect to the game running on my computer.

Is there a blueprint option that will simply feed my ip (on the router) and port to the clients?
I’m sure there are other ways of doing this, but I’m trying to just get my feet wet on this multiplayer thing.

Also, If I check off the dedicated server option, will the people connect to that server?


You can run a command line command from blueprint (Exec node.)
You can then hard-code your IP and port number.
This is of course terrible from a operational robustness point of view, but as you say, getting your feet wet means you have to start somewhere.

You can also connect to a specific IP with the Open Level node. If the “level name” pin in that node is an IP address, like “”, then UE will connect over the network to that, instead of loading a specific level. It’s slightly weird that it would interpret that string as either a level name or an IP address, depending on the format, but it seems to work ok.

So what do you put in the command line?
What is the syntax?

I would think once you know the command to do this with an ip, you could swap it out with a domain and have the domain redirect to the ip correct?

The console command is “open <ipaddr-or-domain-name>”