Blueprint nodes bugged, ¿no solution? help please, engine crash

I just made a blueprint that is bugged by the editor, here is the info:

Engine rev: 4.4.3

I made a base blueprint for my enemys, and in a function, I want to cast to MyController to make it run a function, the problem is that the cast nodes are broken, and cannot be repaired, I tried the folowing:

  • Make new project
  • Delete and reasing the nodes
  • Make new function and move nodes inside the new one
  • Make the nodes run in an event, in order of a function (this made the engine crash at startup)

If I dont delete and recreate the node “get game mode” I always get a crash, even if I reconect the nodes correctly, I have to recreate the “get game mode” and reconect all this nodes acordingly, but when I package my game, this nodes are broken (because my enemys doesnt die)

Here is a pic, I would apreciate any help on this, I couldnt find any info related to this topic.

As you can see, the broken nodes seem as if they are connected, but the arrows doesnt appear.


you might have circular dependencies, if you have a castto for your MyGame from your MyCharacter and say in your MyGame you have a CastTo for your MyCharacter, then when you complie one blueprint it will automatically set another one to need recompile. and if you save and re-open, your connection in your BP will get disconnected. if lucky you just can’t run game, worse would be can’t open project at all.