blueprint interference vs blueprint parent/child

In an attempt to better understand…I would like to get community feedback on which is better to use and why?

So no-one in the community has no feed back on which is better or more preferred??

Ok my 2c…

Parent/Child is reserved for exactly that and you don’t need interfaces for it. But if you want to call stuff on non-related Blueprints its interfaces or stored casts. Its not so much a preferred way but the way to do things. For example…

Your character(s) might be children of a Hero BP but you wouldn’t want your Doors to be children of your Hero but if you want to tell a door to do something you’ll either need an interface to find all the doors, cast to it and the tell it do something.

There was a comparison on the forum and interfaces lost this but the difference was minimal

They are a basic rule, use blueprint interferences when you cannot cast.