Blueprint Interfaces - The Gods conspire against me.....

I’ve created a simple Blueprint Interface as seen below…the interface itself is called “BPI_Fumble_Recovered” and it contains one function called “Recovered Fumble!!!” In a “Football” blueprint I’ve created, I call this interface as soon as the player overlaps a pickup trigger (this all fires as intended.) HOWEVER, then in my “My Character” blueprint, I then attempt to fire off a sequence using this blueprint interface but nothing ever fires? What am I doing wrong? Here is my setup…

FOOTBALL BLUEPRINT (executes fine)

MY CHARACTER BLUEPRINT (does NOT ever even fire once I’ve “picked up” the football)

Is "my character variable fill with the player?

Do you have register the interface in the blueprint options of both blueprints?

Hi erWilly,

Yes, in the top-most picture, the “MyCharacter” variable is assigned to the default “MyCharacter” blueprint that comes from the 3rd Person template.

HOWEVER, I think here’s where the problem may come in? When I view the details of my Football Blueprint actor that’s been placed in my level, I then have to associate an actor with this “My Character” variable I set-up within the Football blueprint. The actor I have associated with this variable is A COPY of the “My Character” blueprint I’ve placed into the level…this is NOT the “MyCharacter” blueprint that I possess at the outset of the game! What I DON’T understand is this…how can I set my SPAWNED character, the one I control at the outset of play, TO this variable if the character I am controlling does not exist as an actor in the scene until I hit play?

Here is the “MyCharacter” variable as set-up in my “BP_Football” blueprint…

Here is what this “MyCharacter” variable is pointed to in my scene (a COPY of “MyCharacter” blueprint…NOT the character I control when I hit “play!!!”)

I thinks too ErWilly is right with this excellent idea. I would say : set your character variable on event begin play and check if it solves your issues, with a “get all actors” .