Blueprint interfaces, could be better?

Well they seem to work just fine and all of that 4.10,
but what if you could implement dynamically an interface through the level blueprint to any object, through the level blueprint,
and afterwards, implement simple functionality to that BP_Objects/Actors, it would allow for " level based " interaction with BP_Objects/Actors placed in the map, through the Level/blueprint.
And making the level blueprint even more usable.

Instance: You have a RTS_Interface, just like the one of UDK(RTSstarterKit), and we go and we take an object on the level, Object/actor have that interface, and when function of it called do this or that. Get the specific event on the level blueprint of that actor that it’s from a Interface function on the level blueprint and make it.
**Engine::Level blueprint → RTSInterface(PlacedActor) → AnActor1 Event MouseOver → FunctionCall() … **

I don’t know if that’s hard or what, but it would make development faster and funnier.

There is the way around to go and make a new blueprint out of a level placed blueprint_object, but it would be awesome to just with 10 sec say you specific object on BPI_Interface_function_mouseOver
Apply physics force, and object static mesh goes and starts using physics and gets away… Rather than the process, 1 Convert it in a whole separate blueprint, have 1 more asset in your content browser and fill
the event graph of a programmatic blueprint with functionality when you could add that functionality in the level Blueprint…

Hope my feedback helps, have nice day awesome engine devs.


LIke this having the possibility to implement the interface on DefaultProperties of an object in the editor and also having the possibility to implement the event call on th level blueprint.