Blueprint Interface Issues

I have a blueprint set up for “MyCharacter” for item pickup and placing an outline around the object. Along with this I have 3 messages to Blueprint Interfaces coming off of it to interface with pickup items. One is to destroy actor, one is to outline the item, and the other is to not outline the item. In the items blueprint I have the Event for two of the three interfaces but it will not allow me to add an additional Event for the third. It allows me to add it to the interface list but not the actual blueprint. Is there a maximum amount of Events for Blueprint Interfaces? e859d417e8a4b06c3ab832030ddf708ca7db85c2.jpeg

I noticed after I posted that I did not have the target connected to the “Outline Item On” Message but that is not the issue. The reason why is I had already started removing it and trying another solution to it.