Blueprint interface event isn't firing after I open the project

For some reason my blueprint interface event isn’t firing every time I close the project and reopen it.

This part works when I press f9 on the ‘Use Function’

This part doesn’t work when I press f9 on any of the functions.

edit: So I’ve opened up an older version of my project and it works perfectly. I tried to import the .uasset into the new project and it doesn’t work. There’s a problem with the Event Use Function because it’s not getting called.

Did you check if it’s happening ingame as well? (or rather isn’t happening)?

This might just be the editor being silly (it does that sometimes to bps)… Not finding references or execution paths when just trying it without starting the game.

Hey I’ve solved the problem. It was just an issue with my structure where I didn’t set the actor to self! Thanks for helping