Blueprint Interface Event Call Trouble

I’m working off the Twin Stick tutorial, at Step11.

I have created a Blueprint Interface, as shown in the video, but when it comes to calling the Event from my Enemy Character Blueprint, I only get the option for Function calls, no Event. I have made sure to link the Blueprint Interface within the Class Settings, and compile/save.

What’s strange is that I can call that Event from my Main Character Blueprint, following the same steps.

Both Enemy and Main Character Blueprints reference the same C++ Parent Class. Why am I able to call the Blueprint Interface Event from one, but not the other?

What am I missing?

Don’t quite get a question, so

Is your Call Function looks like one on the LEFT but not one on the RIGHT ? c5f6082ec2beb90fbd4114193366c670bc5da8b4.png
If that’s the case, you need to turn off context sensitive and find “%Functon Name% Message”, this happens because blueprint caller have interface implemented.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I finally noticed that my Construction Script and Event Graph tabs got swapped in the one blueprint I thought wasn’t working. Once I realized this, switched to Event Graph, it worked fine…

Noob shame! :wink:

Thanks for the feedback anyway!

OMG I’m so embarrassed as well.
I mistook my function graph as event graph…

Thanks for pointing that out.