Blueprint Interaction - Removing an Object after another Object is destroyed

Hi guys!

So I’m working on a 2DSideScroller-Game and I’m coming across a big problem.

I have one item and one enemy.

My goal:
When one item is destroyed (through Collision) an enemy (Lighting, here Blitz_Blueprint) should be destroyed as well. But I somehow can’t get access to that one Blitz-Object.
Another thought for me was to use a counter (when item gets destroyed -> counter +1, and then the enemy blueprint would check in Event Tick, if the counter is 1 and then destroy itself.

The problem with both cases is that there are always an error when I try to access variables from the other blueprint or try to do actions for the other blueprint. (Variables are public!)

I’d be so happy if someone could help me with this… I’m really frustrated and can’t find any tutorials that’d help my case.