Blueprint instancing?

Hi. I’m still new to UE and currently trying to use 1 BP and applying different materials to it. For example, I made a house in Blender with different parts like fence, roof, walls etc…
In UE I used a BP to assemble everything together and dragged multiple copies into the scene, but when I change the color of 1 house all the houses color change. I know one way to do it is to select all the parts in the content browser and drag it into the scene and it will appear all assembled and holding ALT and click drag I can make copies of it and apply materials to different houses and it will work, but when I need to make a copy of the plot again I have to select all the components again and click drag to keep it on the same Z axis.
So my ? is, how can I change the colors using one BP with the house already assembled.
Can it be done? :thinking:
Sorry for the long question. :grin:
Thanks in advance. :pray:

I figured it out.:man_dancing:t2:
All I had to do was select the BP in the scene and go to the details panel and select the component then change the material and it will only change the material of that one house.
Yay!!! :man_dancing:t2::dancer:t2:

Look into Dynamic Material Instance and public variables. They will help you a lot.