blueprint HUD HitBox problem !

When i wanted to make a big start button in the middle of the screen, it did it fine, but than, i wanted to make it disappear after im clicking it ( make sense right ? ) . and even though it disappeared ( no more pulses to the node… and even tried to zero it’s size just in case ) when ever i tried to use “Get hit result under cursor by channel” it blocked the hit and anywhere i’v presses in the area where the hitbox was, the mouse hit returned nothing .

This is ******* annoying !!! :mad:

I stayed after work hours because of that **** !

i don’t known if i understand you (my english…) and would be better with the code.

Anyway i use “Event Hit Box Click” in my HUD and works fine.

Hi Sahkan,

I’m moving this thread to the Blueprint section to see if someone can chime in with some help.

You may even want to check or post your question on AnswerHub as well.

Thank you!