Blueprint horizons

Hey guys, how’s going?

We know that Blueprints are amazing, right? But, it is limited. We can’t do everything through it. Based on this, I have to ask: in the future, will people be able to create their own BP “plug-ins” and share with others?

Until now, I don’t know any BP’s limitation, but I don’t know how to create, for example, a coin like Mario’s coins. In other words, I don’t know how to create an object that increases player’s money by one and then it disappear. (Is this possible without just a line of code?)

I’m asking all of this because matters. Let’s suppose I created a plug-in that says: “when [Actor] passes above [Actor2], then [Actor2] have to disappear and mark [Number] for [Actor]'s coins/money/score.”. OK, then I want to share this around to help people creating mechanisms like this. Will this be possible in a near future?

You can do that right now. :slight_smile: Check out the examples of the mini games and mobile examples, all the you then really have too do is learn from them and modify it a bit, you can nearly do everything with BP.

Seriously, you left more excited with game developing as never. I didn’t noticed this.