Blueprint help - single room creator

Hi all,

this is a general shout out to see if there are any existing blueprints or tutorials out there to assist me in creating a room creator with several tweakable settings. Firstly it’s worth pointing out that I’m an artist, not a programmer - so while I accept that blueprints are amazing and easier to understand once written… creating one from scratch with no coding experience or background is still a daunting experience. I’ve spent hours trawling through videos, forum posts and tutorials trying to find something that will almost do what I need but I haven’t met with much luck. One of the nearest blueprints to what I need (which I will describe below) is the BP_DemoRoom in the Epic Content Examples, but it doesn’t quite do what I need and my simple artist brain can’t connect the dots to make the neccessary adjustments.

What I’m looking to create is a “simple” blueprint that will create the basis for a single, simple room. So it will start as a rectangle (I’m not worried about irregular shaped rooms) with a length and a width that can be set as a number, representing metres. I will build all the wall sections to a metre width, so if I have a room that is 9 by 6 metres, for example, it will create instances of the wall mesh to match that size. So initially I will have a box matching the length and width comprised of simple walls. Where it begins to get more complicated (and where I’ve struggled to find a tutorial) is when I want to position a door or window in a specific wall at a specific point. The doors and windows will again be prebuilt to match the same metre width, so it will be a mesh swap to drop them in. Ideally being able to physically click on a section of wall and swap it out for something else would be the answer but I think this would be more problematic than the blueprint displaying a list of indexed pieces that can then be altered by the “player”. So a 6 metre wall might have 6 index 0 sections (wall) and if you want to change one of them to a door you change the corresponding section to the index for a door. That way it would be easy to move a door position or add additional doors by changing an index value.

I feel certain that this is all pretty simple and standard stuff for those of you who are lucky enough to understand code, but for me it’s just a “bridge too far”. :smiley: I can make things look pretty, but when it comes to blueprinting I can just about turn a light on and off with a button press. :stuck_out_tongue:

So if anyone does know of any tutorials or existing blueprints out there that could save the last few hairs on my head from falling out… I would really appreciate the heads up, thank you.