Blueprint graphs and CPU/GPU usage

Hello Community,

Unreal Engine 4 and its editor are great tools, thank you Epics for giving the opportunity to level up with your technologies.
But am I the only one who dislike these excessively decorated Hollywood-style Blueprint graphs, which unnecessarily load the system and actually do no useful job? I don’t worry about the extra Watts which my laptop consumes, but when its cooler becomes crazy when I just want to open a graph and play with a number, it annoys me. I am a minimalist by nature, that’s why I see it excessive.
From my point of view, the people, who build games, are not housekeepers (maybe there are some) and they don’t need a “crowbar with rhinestones”.

Is there any way to switch off these effects, like transparency and whatever loading GPU?


My suggestion would be not to build your blueprints so large or move over to C++ for a super minimalistic approach. I don’t really know how they could make drawing boxs with lines between them use any less gpu / cpu then it already does.

This may be related to the following 2 items on the trello board (though I’m not entirely sure if this applies to the Blueprint editor as well):

What the first one alludes to is that the editors are not built with typical UI components, which will not be drawn/updated when they don’t need to be, but rather drawn continuously using Slate almost in a game-loop setup. Here’s another recent thread about this: UE4 Electrical power usage a problem. - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

I prototype in Blueprints and then implement in C++, saves iteration times.
Why drawing a third-order 2D line must be expensive?

Thank you for sharing this, now I know there are other 28 people who also think about it =)

Personally I much prefer the blueprint style to the old Kismet stuff. I think it strikes a good balance between minimalist and gaudy.