Blueprint For Weapon @ ammo unique Pickups.

I am making an fps game. I want to have 4 different guns and ammo types of pickups. How do I do this using blueprints giving you different weapon choices once picked up.

You are going to need to understand the basic principles of inheritance.

>> 2.5 - Child Blueprints | Unreal Engine Documentation

Grab some tutorials over Youtube of how to make a custom weapon with blueprints. Create your own custom weapon and them make childs of this weapon, each child with different values.

Use inheritance for the pickups, too. Make a single pickup class that has the ammo type variable, make childs and each child has its own ammo type.
If you need a weapon pickup, instead of having an ammo type variable stored in each one, you`ll need to have your custom weapon as variable.

After that, youll need to make a logic to pickup ammo and change it inside your weapon blueprint. For this, theres some tutorials over Youtube, too.