Blueprint for swiching among multiple lighting scenarios

I’m currently setting up a level with miltiple lighting scenarios and they can be swiched by pressing keys such as 1-9 which means when I press one of the keys, only the correspinding lighting scenario can be activated and the others will be disabled.

The level setup is quite straight forward:

Searched some tutorials on Youtube, they achieved that with blueprint and the method is basically “press N, unload stream A, load stream B, or press M to unload stream B and load stream A” which is perfect for a scene with only 2 lighting scenarios, but what if it’s more than 3 scenarios, you will never tell specifically which stream should be turned off, also after pressing the keys several times, multiple streams will be ON at the same time because you can only disable 1 stream…

My thought is, when I press the key, can I unload all other lighting scenarios and only load the one I need? I’m actually very very new to the blueprint system and is there anything I can use to achieve it or do you have any better idea?

Thank you!