blueprint float operation do not work ?

Hello, I’m new with the unreal engine and i’m trying to get some cool stuff using blueprint, but i have a problem/bug : float operation just do not work (or maybe i just use them in the wrong way )

I have made a screen that show some basic operation and the return value are “0” in each node.

Screenshot on 6.5.2014 at 9.04.17 PM.png

Sorry if i have posted in the wrong forum section.

The engine version is 4.2.

Thanks for the help.
coordially megatlantis.

I could be wrong, but I think there is zero calculation because you don’t use this value anywhere and engine believe there is no sense in calculating this nodes

Hi, thanks for the answer.
I have made some other try and it look like you are right, it just don’t work when we don’t use the value.

You’re not actually running any code there. You just have a listener for an event with nothing inside it. Once the execution node is attached to something, your event listener is doing work, and the “code” is being run.

So it is by design.